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Meet Dr. Benjamin

Sam Benjamin, M.D.Samuel D. Benjamin, M.D. grew up in the Bronx. Bilingual with fluency in both English and Spanish, he received dual medical degrees from the Universidad De Guadalajara Facultad De Medicina in Mexico and the State University of New York. He trained at New York University Medical Center in a Fifth Pathway program designed especially for him.

Dr. Benjamin did his residency in Pediatrics and Social Medicine at the Montefiore Medical Center Hospital, the University Hospital and Academic Medical Center of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.This was the nation’s first primary care training program. There he served as Co-Chief Resident during his last year of training.

After his residency, he served as Medical Director for a model primary care program for urban inner cities. Funded jointly by the federal government and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the goal of the program was to develop a cost effective primary care model that would have applications in urban environments. Much of the structure serves today as a model of medical home being promoted by the federal government and national delivery systems, namely, team delivery that is community based. He later became the Medical Director for the Western Hemisphere Region of the International Planned Parenthood Federation where he focused on maternal/child health and micro community development.

In 1982, Dr. Benjamin moved to Phoenix and helped establish a pediatric and family practice medical group. He served as Medical Director of the nation’s then largest PPO based in Phoenix and joined the advisory board of Humana’s local HMO. In his practice he became disenchanted with conventional medical care alone where he found the treatment was often worse than the disease.He was concerned that medicine was specialty focused a myopic view that excluded the whole family, the patient’s community and spirituality. Dr.Benjamin’s practice integrated complementary and conventional therapies. He trained in Medical Acupuncture at the UCLA School of Medicine and later became faculty in that program. He went on to form the nation’s first mainstream, hospital system affiliated, large scale integrative medical facility, the Arizona Center for Health and Medicine for Catholic Healthcare West. The center and his activities were featured in LIFE magazine and the program served as a beacon for future integrative medical facilities nationally.

In 1997 Dr. Benjamin returned to New York as Professor and Director of the Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Family Medicine and Pediatrics at the State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Medicine. He later joined Humana Inc. as the Corporate Medical Director for Integrative Strategies, introducing complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) to the corporate culture and working to integrate primary care in innovative programs nationally. He also began speaking on and hosting nationally syndicated radio shows, including the Dr. Sam Show broadcast in English and Spanish Dr. Benjamin left corporate medicine and returned to practice in Arizona so that he could be with his family and travel less. He established a successful primary care practice and most recently he has joined Scottsdale Physicians Group delivering care in homes and in assisted living facilities- utilizing the skills that he has honed for many years.

Dr. Benjamin is a practicing Arizona doctor licensed as an allopathic (Western) physician (MD), a licensed homeopathic physician or MD (H)and a certified acupuncturist. He specializes in:


He also serves on the Editorial Board of NaturalStandard.com the nation's premiere source for natural medical data and information, and shares his knowledge and expertise by hosting the radio program "Primary Care" on News/Talk KTAR 92.3 FM Saturdays at 4- 5 PM MST and with hundreds of thousands of consumers through Dr. B. TV, KTAR.com, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.