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Primary Care Doctor vs. Nurse Practitioner

A primary care physician is the coordinator of a patient’s overall health and an adjunct consultant in his or her overall life. The primary care physician is the patient’s, the patient’s family and the patient’s community’s PARTNER. He or she works with the patient physically, spiritually and emotionally. The primary care physician must consider all of the pillars of health when addressing a patient, because all of the elements of these pillars - environment, diet, physical activity, meditation, etc.- play a role in the overall wellbeing of the patient.

This attention to detail is THE DISTINCT difference between the primary care physician and a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is trained to treat life and health in a uni-dimensional way: a cold, cough, sore throat, etc. If someone comes in to Walgreens with a cold, the nurse prescribes some type of drug or medication to treat the “problem.” He or she asks only about the ailment, not about the person’s overall health. The nurse’s job is to medicate the perceived problem, not to find out why the problem was created. But what if the sore throat is not the problem, but the SYMPTOM of a problem?

I, on the other hand, as a general practitioner want to know WHY YOU ARE SICK. What is happening in your life that has suppressed your immunity enough for you to get sick? Are you working two jobs and overstressed? Are you grief stricken over the loss of a loved one or career? Do you work with children and need additional vitamins for preventative protection? Did you really just “catch a bug” or is this sickness the manifestation of something deeper? My goal is to see YOU in your entirety and truly understand YOU, so that we can treat, prevent, and heal the actual aliments, not the symptoms. If we start at the beginning, we can then target the actual problem as well as the symptoms, providing an overall more successful and cost effective treatment. My goal is for you to be the whole, happy, and healthy individual you deserve to be.