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Nutritional/Herbal/IV Therapies

One of the weakest areas in the US medical system is nutrition. By and large if we REALLY work on rest, relaxation, exercise, spiritual well being and nutrition, we would live longer and better. Medical schools barely teach any useful information to their students in this regard. I have studied nutrition, holistic medicine, and natural medicine, and use a combination of nutritional and herbal therapies as an integral part of my Scottsdale medical practice.

As a natural medical practitioner, I am a big believer in intravenous (IV) therapies- especially IV vitamin C. It serves an important role helping with energy in shift workers, patients with MS and those afflicted with HIV and Hepatitis C. I also use IV vitamin C as adjunctive therapy for certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and atherosclerotic disease. It also shows promise as a stroke treatment and possibly stroke prevention therapy.

I also often use IV therapy for dehydration, fatigue or when someone has the flu. I have had this treatment myself and found that it helped me recover faster and, of course, rehydrated me. Diabetics and diabetics with peripheral neuropathy can benefit substantially from IV alpha lipoic acid (a powerful antioxidant). The results are VERY impressive. Oral and IV alpha lipoic acid can also be used as a complement to a diet and exercise program to slow the undesirable effects of ageing.

Vitamin and herbal therapies such as supplements and Chinese, Aryuvedic and Native American herbs that have positive biologic effects just as potent prescription medications. They also have negative and harmful effects just like pharmaceuticals. Whether taken orally or intravenously, I treat prescription drugs and nutritional supplements alike- as biologic agents positive and/or negative influence on our physiology. These effects make it extremely important to treat them equally and see a qualified alternative medical doctor or natural MD. That is why I believe that being an MD best prepares me to integrate their use- conventional and alternative medicine.