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Cold Laser Therapy

“Cold Laser,” Or Low Level Light Therapy (LLT) is one of the greatest new tools on the market. I am committed to using the best, most effective, least invasive treatments on my patients, and Cold Laser Therapy fits all of my criteria. It is effective, safe, and has no known side effects. I have a series of different models in my office, which I use for different applications and treatments. Most of these center around pain management and body contouring.

For pain management, I use Cold Laser Therapy alone or in combination with acupuncture. Often times, my patients feel immediate relief with Cold Laser Therapy, and it has a multitude of uses. To learn more about Cold Laser Pain Management Therapy, please visit the Pain Treatment Therapy page.

I also utilize Cold Laser Therapy for cosmetic uses such as correcting sun damage, body contouring, and cellulite reduction. Most of my patients find that the obvious cellulite around their hips, thighs, and buttocks is eliminated in only two treatments! This same laser takes inches off women’s waists and decreases “water wings” that women seem to get in their backs as they age. It can also help reduce “man breasts” and stomach fat in men. For more information, please visit the Fat Loss & Body Contouring page.