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Your Feedback

“I first consulted Dr. Benjamin at the suggestion of a colleague while visiting Phoenix on business when I had a flare up of my chronic lower back pain. I had had EVERYTHING done to my back what with MRI’s, CT scans, pain medications, muscle relaxers, injections, physical therapy- even acupuncture , all, to no avail. I was desperate. I had a series of important meetings and I could barely get out of bed. The first big difference from previous experiences with medical doctors was that Dr.Benjamin listened. He did not rush me. He was empathetic and compassionate. He explained what he would do and why. He was honest. I was hesitant to let him do acupuncture after my first experience with another doctor and I was skeptical about the cold laser he employed but in desperation I did acquiesced. The relief was almost immediate! By the next day, I had little if any pain. Sam Benjamin made the right contacts for me to address my back issues in New York where I live. He is not just a doctor, but, a guide and an advocate. I became proactive- exercise, meditation and yoga – and now I have not experienced the kind of pain that I used to have regularly. He’s now my physician even though I live on the East coast. When in Phoenix I make it a point to see him. When at home or on the road we use e-mail, the phone or use Skype. He has changed my life. He’s incomparable!”

~J.T. , New York City

“Dr.B diagnosed my thyroid problem when other doctors told me my fatigue was my imagination. What makes him unique is that he combines alternative and Western medicine to help you get better. I have my life back!”

~S.L. , Phoenix, AZ

“ Dr. B doesn’t just treat for what is bothering you at the moment. He looks at you, your family and community. He really gets to know you and then makes suggestions to cut risks now that can adversely affect you later. He really addresses optimal health. I have learned what nutritional supplements, types of exercises, kinds of relaxation techniques and what kind of diet is best for me to prevent disease and that means a lot to me. Dr. B is the primary care doctor for my whole family.”

~T.M., Glendale, AZ

“ I can be honest and open with him. I trust him. He gives you all the time you need. He is really straight forward and gives you material to understand his treatment. Going to see Dr. B is like going to visit a relative or a good friend.”

~S. G., Scottsdale, AZ

“ I heard Dr.B on the radio. He described exactly how I was feeling. My previous doctor told me my male hormones were just fine and that I was depressed. Dr.B explained why my testosterone was too low FOR ME and after some tests, he began treatment. After two weeks my life was changed! I now enjoy my friends and family again. I can exercise. My wife and I share a great intimate life again. I am doing better at work. I am a man transformed! Thanks Dr. B.”

~S.H. , Scottsdale, AZ

“When I first consulted Sam Benjamin my diabetes was out of control and I was having complications. Until meeting him, each time I had a medical problem I was given new drugs and higher doses of the ones I was already on. Dr. B changed my life and put me in charge. He used herbs, exercise and diet to essentially reverse my diabetes and most of the complications that had accumulated. I am off all of my drugs and my blood sugars are nearly normal. He is the only doc for me.”

~M.V., Phoenix

“ Where can you find a doctor who gives you all his love, listens to you, visits with you as if you were family, prays with and for you, employs regular medicine, herbs, vitamins, great I.V.’s, exercise, diet, meditation, stretching, etc., etc., etc.? Dr. B you are the greatest!”

~M.J. , Surprise, AZ

“I don’t travel from LA to Phoenix because I enjoy the flight. I come to see the only physician who has treated my rheumatoid arthritis without harmful medications and encouraged me to run again. I feel so alive again. I have a crush on you Dr.B!”

~Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA