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Reversing Heart and Vascular Disease

Posted by Sam Benjamin, M.D.
Sam Benjamin, M.D.
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on Tuesday, April 10, 2012
in Heart Failure

I have reached a decision with regard to my practice direction. It comes out of the frustration of treating patients for diseases without getting to the core cause of their problem or dancing around th...e real elements of disease prevention and getting nowhere. Heart disease is the number one killer in this country. It is associated with peripheral vascular disease, stroke and erectile dysfunction. The causes are multifold but relate to cholesterol, triglycerides, the different kinds of cholesterol, the inflammation of your blood vessels and the viscosity of your blood to name but a few causes.

Heart (cardiologists) and vascular surgeons focus their attention on those things that they are reimbursed for like bypass surgery, stents, cardiac catheterizations, etc. That is where they make money (big money) and can enjoy the social/community recognition for their skills as “specialists”. They are, as well, brainwashed by the companies that make the devices they use and supported by institutions where these procedures are done (hospitals and outpatient surgical centers) because likewise there is a lot of money (hundreds of billions) to be made. Of course, these same physicians prescribe, prescribe, prescribe because after procedures that makes them money they have been trained to use medications to lower your cholesterol, to dilate constricted arteries, change your heart rate, increase the pumping action of your heart and on and on.