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Weight Loss & Appearance

Confessions of an Overweight General Practitioner and Radio Personality

I have seen every diet and weight loss trick out there. There is not a weight loss program that I haven't tried or considered. I have seen everything with my patients from gastric by-pass surgery (dangerous, expensive and primitive) to medications that are actually speed, stimulants, diuretics, or drugs that make you malabsorb (diarrhea, etc). I can't live measuring a half a cup of grapefruit with a smidgen of cottage cheese, or making requests at dinner with friends that make me stand out as "dieting" – and neither should you!

There are so many terrible, dangerous, and ineffective diets out there that I don’t know where to begin. Have you tried HCG yet? It is a dangerous and expensive diet where you pay the “doctor” who prescribed it to a minimum of $600, buy the HCG from a pharmacy and “miraculously” you lose weight. At least you do while you stay on the 500 calorie diet that just so happens to be part of the plan. No, thank you! Soy based and food system diets are not much better, and even the more balanced plans require group meetings, counting and keeping records. I, personally, am not interested in creating, much less telling anyone about, my secret recipe for “Chicken Flavored Instant Chocolate Pudding using Porcupine/Agave Jell-O.” Yuck!

We also have very little data about the effectiveness of these plans because there have been few well controlled studies performed. The companies selling their costly garbage are certainly NOT willing to give up much of this information because you would more than likely NEVER sign up if you knew the true success rates. The few studies we do have suggest that at the VERY BEST, 15% stay with a "lifestyle change" over the long term. Must I go on? Can you live a full life using ANY of these plans? I CAN NOT!  I must tell you that I am NOT in that 15%. If you are, then good for you! Visit another part of this site, such as meditation and relaxation, while the rest of us get down to business.For those of you still with me, I have a series of three fool proof answers for you:

If you are interested, and you darn well should be because I am not going to suggest ANYTHING that I am not doing right now, this second, for myself, then read on and enjoy having the health and body you deserve!