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Cold Laser Pain Treatment Therapy

I use Cold Laser Therapy in my office on a daily basis for pain management. “Cold Laser” is actually low level light therapy. It is very safe, causes no additional pain, and often pain relief is immediate- occurring as you leave the treatment room. The number of treatments necessary varies depending on patient and affliction, but long lasting results are often seen after just a few treatments. Each Pain Treatment Therapy usually lasts between 2 minutes and 15 minutes depending on the location and size of the area being treated, and the individual patient. If, for instance, you are taking a medication that makes you sensitive to light, the therapies will be briefer and you may need more treatments. I have never had an adverse reaction to Cold Laser Therapy, and do everything possible to put your needs first.

On Average, my patients are amazed at the results of Cold Laser Therapy. They have often previously spent a significant amount of time and money at pain management centers with little or no relief. This is often because these centers and traditional medicine advocate medications or shots that make patients fatigued and have intolerable cognitive and neurologic side effects.  When Cold Laser Therapy works- and it most often works- results are painless, cost effective, and long lasting.

The problems listed below respond very quickly and efficiently to Cold Laser Therapy:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Thoracic Back Pain
  • Cervical Neck Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Bad Strains and Sprains
  • Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Knee/Meniscal Pain
  • Pain from Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

I have also used Cold Laser Therapy for many promising but UNPROVEN applications, such as:

  • Hair Regrowth in some patients
  • Periodontal Disease in concert with dental prescribed therapy
  • Nail and Skin Fungal Infections
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing Loss 

My viewpoint is this: Since Cold Laser Therapy is harmless when used appropriately, the treatment for these conditions it is worth a try. There is, however, NO way that a responsible person could guarantee results OR give statistics for success at this time because there are NO controlled trials for treating these conditions with laser of which I am aware. I personally believe that we will not see these trials in the near future, because there is no great financial incentive for conventional medicine to really assess Cold Laser Therapy. It may sound cynical, but it does not generate the big dollars for which large medical device manufacturers are looking. The units (although very expensive to purchase) rarely require maintenance and replacement parts which generate substantial income for manufacturers. They therefore do not aggressively market its applications to medical doctors and osteopathic doctors. As a result, most will know little or nothing about cold laser and do not use or recommend it.

I ask you to remember this: MOST conventional medical procedures and therapies (such as surgery or cancer treatments) have not met the rigor of evidence based therapies. Cancer doctors can hardly test drugs by giving dying patients placebo and others a promising drug. The same can be said for surgeries. In addition, many conventional UNPROVEN drugs and procedures have lasting unwanted side effects that could change your life, in some cases, FOREVER!! Cold Laser (Low Level Light Therapy) offers hope with little or no risk compared to the therapies and drugs that a strictly conventional doctor no doubt has already suggested to you for pain management.