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What prompted me to place this discussion about menopause on my website is the fact that I encounter so many women who are buying herbs and other natural products at the advice of poorly trained "natural" health care providers, store clerks, deceptive advertisements or infomercials. They assume that since the products are over the counter (requiring NO prescription), they are effective and safe. I suspect many of these products elicit a placebo response, which is okay, but I wonder about the danger they may cause later on.

MenopauseIf you are seeking accurate information about menopause and natural products, and you are willing to read and think about what you are reading (Yes, you are going to have to use your mind because this is VERY serious stuff!) then we will be happy to email you a complimentary copy of Dr. Benjamin's Mastering Menopuase. You will, I believe, get a whole new notion about menopause, natural products and why simply going "natural" is nowhere near as simple as it might seem!

Download "Mastering Menopause"

Mastering Menopause discusses natural products in their entirety. However, I would NOT discount the use of acupuncture and meditation along with dietary and lifestyle changes. I typically help my patients employ these methods to help control their menopausal symptoms. This is a discussion that is worth reading and reading again, so be sure to save it to your desktop, laptop, or phone, and print a copy for your friends.