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My Virtual Office

Samuel D. Benjamin, M.D., M.D. (H)
The Virtual Integrative Office

(Alternative and Western Medicine)

I have found that the vast majority of my visits with patients, rely on our personal interaction. While the physical exam should not be downplayed, annual physicals are most often unnecessary. Most often, visits are for follow up of preexistent conditions, or, they are consultations to guide patients in their health decision/choices, use of high tech therapies and alternative therapies.

Having a patient see me in person at the office or making home visits becomes a costly proposition because there are incumbent costs that I must calculate into the visit charge- not just my time. The virtual office allows me to spend face to face time with my patient, but cut the costs. It allows me to be available urgently or with an appointment in the evening or on weekends which is obviously much more convenient for you. Prescriptions are mailed to you or, when possible, faxed to your pharmacy so be sure to have that number available .I will not be able to research that for you.

Diagnostic testing is ordered by sending you a requisition by fax or email. All test results are returned to me, where I can simply send you a copy or set up another visit to discuss them if need be. Incidentally, blood tests are drawn at selected Walgreens in the Theranos Wellness Center. This is very important because you will no longer require to have large amounts of blood drawn from a vein. Instead, you will get a finger prick- that’s all! Should one of your test results, require yet another another, the few drops that were drawn originally will STILL be adequate on most occasions.

If you wish, I can order the supplements that I suggest for you and have them delivered to your door.


All of this makes my virtual office effective and convenient.

Cost of Services:

First visit- $110

Intermediate visit- $65

Urgent visit- $65

Visits with multiple family members or friends?

Add $15 for each additional person


For a visit, request to be a contact on Skype. My contact name is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Click the button below to contact me by email to schedule an appointment day and time. I cannot offer ANY medical advice or opinion without an appointment. My office number is: 480-319-9257.

Schedule an Appointment


Your confidentiality and privacy is respected as it would be in a routine visit.

You may view my Notice of Privacy Practices by clicking here.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine includes many unproven modalities and as such are not typically covered by any insurance plan. Therefore, I cannot bill any insurance plan for these visits. If you are a Medicare or Medicaid (AHCCCS) beneficiary, I will email or fax you a form that you will be asked to sign and return to me- assuring me that you understand that the alternative medicine consultation that you will see me for is not a covered benefit and that you are responsible for payment in full at the time services are rendered.

Payment is through credit card or debit card at the time of visit. As I have already mentioned, my virtual consultation does not participate in any insurance plan but you will receive a receipt by email that you may be able to apply toward your deductible costs if your insurance plan has one. The requirements, etc., vary from plan to plan and I cannot assure you that my charges will be applicable.

I only see patients within the State of Arizona

I do not prescribe outside of the State of Arizona

Visits may be conducted in English or in Spanish