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Pillars of Health

Sam Benjamin, M.D. - DrB.tv

drb-home1Dr. Samuel Benjamin, M.D. is one of the only licensed integrative medical doctors on the west coast. Specializing in both conventional western and natural medicine, Dr. Benjamin’s holistic and comprehensive approach to patient care guarantees that you will receive the most customized attention possible. Recognized as a straight talking and trustworthy source for all things medical, Dr. Benjamin runs his practice with a focus on YOU, not your ailments.

Welcome to my Website

Writing this first section on my Home page, I am struggling with how to describe my practice; what I do and how I do it. I guess the best thing that I can say from the outset is that I am TRANSPARENT. What you see is what you get. If you have listened to me on my radio show on News/Talk 92.3 KTAR then the guy that you hear on-air is very much what I am like in person. Before any other consideration is whether we are compatible. We have to like and trust each other. If you cannot listen to my show live, then listen to a podcast on this site or check out one of my videos.

Being your physician is an honor. I am not just the guy who writes an occasional prescription or orders a diagnostic test. I see myself as your guide through a very confusing health care system - your educator, consultant and advocate. I want to empower you to make the right, informed choices. Health care can be dangerous and costly. There is a lot of technology, medications and procedures that appear to be right for you (They dazzle!), but in reality they are unnecessary. My job is to help you sort out reality from pure sizzle.

~ Dr. Samuel Benjamin 

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